About me

My journey into the world of decoupage

I cannot remember when it was for the fist time that I saw an object decorated using this technique. It seems as if, in some way, Ihave always lived with it, but actually I have not.

Decoupage is not a new technique. Its roots go a long way back, for centuries in the past and miles away. A lot has been written about decoupage.

How come decoupage? I cannot draw, but I have always liked decorative objects, especially if they had some traces of patina on them. Among other things, decoupage has fulfilled one of my wishes – I express my creativity in making my objects,  which are new, but look like they have existed for many years.

I have attended decoupage workshops with great joy. Each has brought something new, confronted me with a number of attempts and resulted in a variety of ideas.

Many people have decopage as their hobby nowadays. I am following their way, admire their work and look up to some of them as my role models.

My journey into the world of decoupage started eight years ago and it is a very special one: its joy is not in reaching the destination, but in the journey itself – towards designing and discovering the self, where one gives away a little piece of oneself and leaves little pieces of one's - soul.